Photo of people at a Netowrk event

The UT Alumni Networks are boards comprised of alumni from each campus of the UT System. Networks focus on creating programming that engages all alumni, promotes the UT System and its campuses, and strengthens ties within their local community. Networks were created in 2013 and involve more than 100 alumni volunteer leaders.

Network Locations

UT Alumni Networks exist in six regional areas throughout Tennessee.  Please use the links below to learn more about the board in your area.

Mission of the UT Alumni Network Boards

  • To support and assist the university in realizing its academic goals.
  • To establish programming which strengthen ties between alumni, the community, and the university.
  • To bring together alumni from all of the university’s campuses to network and socialize.
  • To provide information about the educational goals and achievements of the university.
  • To encourage alumni to be active supporters of the university with their time, talent, and treasure.