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Looking for an accountant? A dentist? A veterinarian? Want to network with others in your line of work?

The UT Alumni Professional Directory is a simple online tool that allows you to search more than 340,000 UT alumni by location, job title, occupation, and more.

The Professional Directory is fully accessible only to other UT alumni and displays whatever business information the university currently has on file for you. It does not display any personal contact info. If you need to update your professional profile, or if you'd like to remove yourself from the directory, please use this online form.

NOTE: Alumni who do not have any business information in the UT database do not appear in this directory. To opt

Andrew Hart
UTAA Director of Alumni Career Services

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Looking for someone in healthcare, insurance, or medicine? Hold down the Control key (on a PC) or the Command key (on a Mac) and click on each occupation separately.

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Because the various UT campuses occasionally have different official names for similar majors, it's best to search by "contains." For example, "contains engl" will return every major that refers to "English" -- "English as a Second Language," "English Literature," "English Education," etc.

Find options that "begin with" key letter or numbers
Want to search for businesses in the Knoxville area? Search "Business Zip begins with 379." Want to expand you search more broadly into East Tennessee? Search "Business Zip begins with 37."

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Contact Andrew Hart, Director of Alumni Career Services, at

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